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Masterplan has experience in mixed-use planning development
Preston Hollow Village is an example of a mixed use planned development district guided by Masterplan consultants.


Land use consultants since 1981

Masterplan provides consultation to businesses, individuals, utilities and government agencies in all matters relating to land use, including zoning, subdivisions, building permits and other development approvals.

Established in 1981 by William Cothrum, Masterplan has successfully obtained thousands of governmental approvals for clients. The firm also provides political consultation and representation for all types of local and regional government issues.

Our expertise is your success

Masterplan consultants are highly accomplished experts who come from diverse backgrounds including planning, architecture, engineering, business and public administration. Our mastery of technical issues combined with job-tested communication skills and a long standing reputation of excellence makes Masterplan a reliable force working on your behalf.

Focused on three service areas

Led by CEO Dallas Cothrum, our practice is divided into three sections: (1) zoning and land use, (2) building code and permitting, and (3) lobbying and economic development.

The largest sector of work is zoning and land use cases. This section includes due diligence and providing information to adjacent stakeholders on other zoning requests in addition to zoning applications done on our client’s behalf. Masterplan’s experienced building code section works to ensure timely approval of all permitting matters.

Complete, turnkey services

We also represent tenants and owners on issues such as required parking reductions and problems relating to certificates of occupancy.

In many instances clients, including ONCOR, DART and DISD, have tasked Masterplan to obtain all approvals from the point of application through passing final inspection to receiving a certificate of occupancy.

Finally, Masterplan consultants have successfully negotiated abatements and other entitlements from local governments for new projects as well as assisting in corporate relocations.

Masterplan Texas

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            In the screwed-up, implacable, totally amoral haunted house that is City Hall, you're nuts if you go in there on an important issue without a gladiator in
front of you.
The Cothrums aren't the only gladiators.
But let me tell you. If my house ever catches on fire, I'm not calling 911. I'm calling the Cothrums so they can negotiate a truck for me. It'll get there faster ...

Three generations of Cothrum men: William, Dallas, and young Grady.

Three generations of Cothrum men: William, Dallas, and young Grady.