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Masterplan consultants Martinez and Fisher review a plat before a client conference.
Masterplan consultants Martinez and Fisher review a plat before a client conference.

Consulting Team

William CothrumWilliam E. Cothrum

William E. Cothrum

As founder of Masterplan, Mr. Cothrum has represented clients since 1981 in a variety of real estate matters, garnering more zoning approvals in North Texas than any other individual and gaining recognition as a national expert on land use and zoning.

He remains the youngest person ever elected to the Dallas City Council and served the city during three decades, beginning in 1965. During this period Dallas pursued water rights throughout the state, acquired and broke ground on DFW Airport, brought a major league baseball team to the region, and built a new sports arena that led to the NBA and NHL locating franchises.

Dallas CothrumDallas Cothrum, PhD.

Dallas Cothrum, PhD.

Primary area of expertise involves obtaining appropriate land entitlements for a variety of developers, governmental entities, and utilities. He serves as Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Cothrum has worked on numerous politically charged and technically difficult cases. He directed the efforts on Rosewood Court, different types of multi-family projects, and self-storage locations.

He has provided consultation for Oncor on more than 150 electrical substation and switching stations throughout the state of Texas. In each case, he has successfully obtained the appropriate zoning for the property.

Karl CrawleyKarl A. Crawley

Karl A. Crawley

Joined the firm in 1998 and is now President. A resident of the Dallas area for over 40 years, Mr. Crawley is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a Masters degree in Urban Planning. His field of experience includes land planning, land development and project management.

He has developed Comprehensive Plan documents for several small Texas cities, developed several hundred single family residential lots in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and been involved with zoning projects from both the public and private sector sides.

Santos MartinezSantos Martinez

Santos Martinez

Has expertise in zoning and permitting requirements. His experiences included management of zoning applications, building permits, plats, and Board of Adjustment requests. This includes work in the cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Carrollton, Denton, and numerous other municipalities in North Texas.

In addition to these experiences, Mr. Martinez was successful in obtaining state funding for new hike and bike trails and main street improvements while the Land Use Administrator of Costilla County, Colorado. The main street improvements in San Luis, Colorado, included new storm drainage systems and utility relocations.

Ed SimonsEd Simons

Ed Simons

Working as a Masterplan consultant since October 2001, Mr. Simons served 28 years at the City of Dallas in various positions including Chief Development Code Manager and Chief Development Coordinator.

He specializes in assisting clients through the intricacies of obtaining approvals for development projects and construction, routinely working with architects and engineers to gain approvals from the City of Dallas on large multi-family and retail developments.

Raj SharmaRaj Sharma

Raj Sharma, PE, LEED AP, FM WOBO, R.A.S.

Joined the firm after more than 25 years in city service, including as Building Official for the City of Dallas.

He also served as the Building Official in Calgary and was responsible for all the 1988 Winter Olympic venues, including the opening of the Saddledome.

Mark HousewrightMark Housewright

Mark Housewright

Has over 30 years experience in the communications field including almost ten years in advertising and sales with Procter & Gamble, twenty years operating Pegasus Group, an advertising and public relations firm, and 11 years as publisher of the Oak Cliff Tribune and La Tribuna de Oak Cliff.

In addition, Mr. Housewright has extensively served as a volunteer with extended periods of service on the Dallas Municipal Library Board, Dallas City Plan Commission and Dallas City Council. He also has served as a DISD volunteer for more than ten years. He has extensive contacts throughout the city and in neighborhoods.

Gladys Bowens PearsonGladys Bowens Pearson

Gladys Bowens Pearson

Joined the firm in 2008 after leaving the City of Dallas as Assistant Director of Development Services in charge of Real Estate.

Mrs. Pearson was in charge of private licenses, abandonments and property acquisition. While at the city she had a leadership position in a number of important projects, including the new police academy, the convention center hotel, the Homeless Assistance Center, the Mercantile project, and securing right of way for water projects.

Maxwell FisherMaxwell J. Fisher

Maxwell J. Fisher, AICP

Mr. Fisher's city planning experience for multiple municipalities and his education in local government management play a pivotal role in zoning and land use due diligence services, and managing applications pertaining to zoning and land use entitlements.

This expertise includes subdivision platting, permitting regulations and zoning.

Karen WunschKaren Wunsch

Karen Wunsch, AICP

Named Managing Director of the Austin office when that office opened in January 2014.

Mrs. Wunsch’s local experience and knowledge allows Masterplan to provide clients with the same quality of service that has established Masterplan's reputation for customer satisfaction for over 30 years.

Mark CorreroMark Correro

Mark Correro

After joining Masterplan as general counsel in 2010, Mr. Correro has used his broad legal experience to represent the firm on numerous land use projects in Harris and surrounding counties.

The city of Houston is unique in that it has no zoning ordinances, but because land use is still bound by deed restrictions, Mr. Correro’s knowledge of real estate law a valuable asset to Masterplan clients. (Unlike Houston however, surrounding municipalities have zoning regulations, and the firm’s extensive experience with Austin and Dallas suburbs aids clients in obtaining the necessary land use approvals.)

Chris O'ConnorChris O'Connor

Chris O'Connor

Joined Masterplan in May 2017 as a Consultant in the Austin office.

Mr. O’Connor brings 13 years of urban planning experience to the firm in the areas of zoning, land use, entitlements, development codes, urban policy, and project management. His experience covers current, long-range and comprehensive planning projects; residential, commercial and retail development; aviation, road and rail infrastructure; signage; car parking; freight and logistics; environmental impact mitigations; sustainability initiatives; stakeholder engagement and community outreach.

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Masterplan President Karl Crawley speaks before a planning board.

Masterplan President Karl Crawley speaks before a planning board.