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Masterplan consultants Martinez and Fisher review a plat before a client conference.
Masterplan consultants Martinez and Fisher review a plat before a client conference.

Consulting Team

William CothrumWilliam E. Cothrum

William E. Cothrum

As founder of Masterplan, Mr. Cothrum has represented clients since 1981 in a variety of real estate matters, garnering more zoning approvals in North Texas than any other individual and gaining recognition as a national expert on land use and zoning.

He remains the youngest person ever elected to the Dallas City Council and served the city during three decades, beginning in 1965. During this period Dallas pursued water rights throughout the state, acquired and broke ground on DFW Airport, brought a major league baseball team to the region, and built a new sports arena that led to the NBA and NHL locating franchises.

Mr. Cothrum has also served as the Chairman of the Intergovernmental Affairs and Council Relations Committee and the Public Utilities Committee. His experience in government affairs and understanding of its workings is a significant benefit to any project.

Under his leadership, Masterplan assisted from the earliest start up of the wireless communication service, to the rise in co-location of antenna, through build out of the system, to representing new initiatives, such as broadband by power line.

Mr. Cothrum was also among the first advocates for mass transit and has represented the Dallas Area Rapid Transit from its inception. He has received zoning approvals for all the stations the authority has ever needed.

He has also obtained approvals for more than 100 electrical substations and related facilities, helping ensure reliable service statewide.

Mr. Cothrum continues to advocate for Masterplan clients with the same passion he had when he founded the business.

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