Established in 1981, Masterplan has been instrumental in furthering the development interests of Dallas, TX and North Texas for decades. We provide consultation to businesses, individuals, utilities, and government agencies regarding all matters of land use, including zoning, subdivisions, building permits, and other development approvals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in furthering your development.

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    When you’re heading up a new development, you can’t afford to be sidetracked by various issues of land use, permitting, public forums, and the like. What you need is a partner who can fast-track past roadblocks and get you the approvals you need to move forward. Masterplan is that partner.


We’re the Authority on All Things Permitting and Zoning in Dallas, TX

We are an experienced force in the world of lobbying and economic development. In fact, our practice is divided into three main sectors: zoning and land use, building code and permitting, and lobbying and economic development. This makes us an all-in-one resource for anything and everything your project might need.

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Zoning is the regulation of land use districts by local government. Zoning regulations determine land use, height, setbacks, lot size, density, coverage, and floor area ratio.



Permitting covers assistance with building code compliance, inspections, platting, signage, and abandonments. This includes permit expediting and project pre-development coordination.



Lobbying is the exertion of influence and the use of strategy to facilitate specific municipal actions, impact economic development, and secure government contracts.

Masterplan’s Core Values

When you need the help of land use consultants, permitting services, and/or powerful lobbyists, we can help. Call today to find out what Masterplan can do for you and your development.

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We leverage an expert team, strong industry ties, and political connections to help you navigate the complex world of zoning and building permits in Dallas, TX and the entire state. Our varied mastery and unwavering dedication to the pursuit of success means you’re never far from what you need to push your project forward. When you partner with us, we’ll put the full weight of our nearly 40-year-old business behind you, with results that will speak for themselves. And it’s all tailored around your needs and unique situation. Simply put, we are results-oriented and we work hard from start to satisfaction.

If your development project is being held up by zoning issues, railroaded by permitting delays, or facing opposition in other ways, call in the experts at Masterplan. We promise to be a powerful force working for progress on your behalf.

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Providing service for land use needs since 1981 in Dallas, Austin & Houston & the surrounding areas: