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Established in 1981, Masterplan is a Texas real estate services firm that consults with businesses, individuals, utilities, and government agencies regarding land use matters, including zoning, economic incentives, subdivisions, building permits, and other development approvals.  



Zoning & Land Use

Count on our expertise to help you avoid potential obstacles and guide your real estate project through a complicated web of zoning requirements and political intrigue.

Plat Representation

We assist in establishing a building site by combining or reconfiguring existing lots or unplatted tracts of land. This process may include a public hearing at each step, but can be approved by the staff in many instances.


Many people don’t realize how complex and time consuming the permitting process is. There is no need to spend unnecessary time chasing down multiple departments for reviews. We’re equipped to expedite the permitting you need to move forward with your development in good standing with local governance requirements and drive your project forward. Rely on Masterplan to expedite this complicated process.

Lobbying & Economic Development

We call on our vast network of connections in municipal government and the private sector to advocate for you. Our team has significant experience with public private partnerships and in helping our clients receive public subsidies and abatements.

Municipal Support Services

Masterplan is a valuable resource for city staff members. Our experienced consultants and collaborative approach enable Masterplan to help resolve complex issues facing communities with the goal of building well-planned communities.

Technical Consulting

When your development requires specialized expertise, call on us to deliver services that expedite the development process. Our technical knowledge includes ADA consulting, Environmental Consulting, Energy Code, Turn-key Project Direction, Abandonments, ROW Licensing, Parking Analysis, Traffic Studies and Alcohol Distance Variances.


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