How We Helped with Permitting for Candytopia in Dallas, TX

Apr 18, 2019 | Building Permit, Certificate of Occupancy, Technical Consulting

Many of you already know and have had the chance to experience Candytopia, which opened this April at The Hill in Dallas, TX. At Masterplan, we had the pleasure of making sure the event was able to run smoothly by obtaining a building permit and certificate of occupancy in record time so Candytopia could open on time.

A successful timeline

Obtaining the required permits for an event of this size was a huge and exciting project for us. Part of our job was to obtain a certificate of occupancy and building permit in Dallas, TX, which are required every time a new building is constructed or remodeled, and when a building’s purpose is changed from commercial to residential, or vice versa. The certificate of occupancy in Dallas, TX is also necessary when ownership changes. However, once obtained, it is not necessary to renew unless the circumstances of the building change.

The certificate of occupancy in Dallas, TX is a license for the business to operate under the intended use of the building. The process for obtaining this license is quite involved, requiring city inspections of the building’s structure, electrical inspections, plumbing and other utility inspections. The area’s parking and zoning also goes under review. The CO ensures the building is suitable for the intended use and abides by the law.

A building permit, meanwhile, allows for the construction or remodeling of a building and ensures that the plans align with the area’s zoning and construction laws. Many of the same inspections that are necessary for the CO are needed for the building permit as well.

These two permits usually take two months to complete, but with Candytopia scheduled to have their opening event in three weeks, the team at Masterplan had to make magic happen. The week before Candytopia was scheduled to open, we managed to score weekend inspections and safety reviews with the fire department, and when it came down to the wire, Candytopia was able to open on time. It was a huge success for all involved.

About Candytopia

Candytopia is an increasingly popular art installation throughout the country. Created by the candy artist Jackie Sorkin, it involves many celebrities, families and creatives. At the Dallas opening, there were over a dozen rooms with large art installations that offered an intense sensory and interactive experience. After the popular installations of Candytopia in Santa Monica, San Francisco and New York, Masterplan was thrilled to get to be a part of the new Dallas installation at The Hill, which is a mixed-use development on North Central Expressway at Walnut Hill. The Hill location includes elements of the other Candytopia locations, as well as installations unique to the culture and landmarks of Dallas. The opening event was a huge success, and if you haven’t had a chance to check out the phenomenon, we encourage you to grab a ticket at your earliest opportunity. The Dallas installation runs through July 31.

For more information about the work we do regarding building permits and certificates of occupancy, as well as other permits, zoning and lobbying, contact the team at Masterplan with any questions.