Do I Need a Residential Building Permit in Dallas, TX for My Home Construction Project?

May 10, 2019 | Building Permit, Dallas

So, you’re ready to tackle those renovations you’ve been meaning to do for a while now. You have the materials, the time and the tools. But do you have a residential building permit in Dallas, TX? Do you need one?

That depends. Some projects require permits, while you can complete others without first obtaining this documentation. Not sure which category your project falls into? Use the following guide.

Why do I need a residential building permit in Dallas, TX?

As you determine whether or not you need one, you might be wondering why you would ever need a residential building permit in Dallas, TX. It’s your property, right? Why does the city need to be involved?

The permitting process is in place to protect the health and safety of everyone in the city. It allows officials to review the design of the project and inspect the work to ensure it meets safety standards. This process helps prevent future disasters that can cause property damage and personal injury.

When do I need a residential building permit in Dallas, TX?

Permits are required for additions, renovations, repairs, new construction and rehabilitations. Electrical and plumbing projects may also require permits. If you hire a licensed contractor to complete your project, this professional knows the requirements that pertain to the job. Otherwise, keep in mind that the following renovations require a residential building permit in Dallas, TX:

  • Finishing work: If you plan to build out spaces that were previously unfinished, such as basements, garages or attics, you’ll need a residential building permit in Dallas, TX.
  • Foundation work: Does your foundation require repairs? Underpinning foundations or other foundation repairs require a permit.
  • Utility work: Replacing or installing an AC unit, water heater, furnace, condensing unit, wood stove or fireplace requires a permit.
  • Pool work: Do you plan to add an outdoor oasis to your yard for some summer splash fun? The installation of pools, whether in-ground or above-ground, requires a permit.
  • Fencing work: Want to add a little privacy to your home or provide a perimeter to keep Fido in sight? That’s great—just don’t forget that all fence construction requires residential building permits in Dallas, TX.
  • Building work: Could your property use a garden shed? A storage building? A garage? Before you begin construction on these structures, be sure to obtain a building permit.
  • Walkway work: Is your sidewalk awkwardly situated? Could your walkways use some work? Before adding or modifying any sidewalk or driveway approaches, be sure to obtain a residential building permit in Dallas, TX.
  • Exterior work: Planning to spruce up your home’s exterior? All roofing, siding and signage projects require building permits.

Consult the Experts

Before you dive into your next project, consult with the experts to ensure you have all your permits in place. Masterplan provides consultation to businesses, individuals, utilities and government agencies in all matters relating to land use, including zoning, subdivisions, building permits and other development approvals. Established in 1981 by William Cothrum, Masterplan has successfully obtained thousands of governmental approvals for our clients. Contact us today to discover what Masterplan can do for you.