Masterplan Achieves Successful Zoning in Dallas, TX for Hotel Lumen

May 24, 2019 | Dallas, Zoning

It’s not every day that a 50-year-old hotel undergoes major renovations to transform the building into a modern masterpiece. But that’s exactly the plan for the Lumen Hotel in Dallas—and Masterplan is helping make it happen.

The hotel, established in 1963, is located next to Southern Methodist University. The property has been acquired by Adventurous Journeys Capital Partners, who plan to renovate the hotel and rename it Graduate Dallas.

These plans include adding height to the building for a rooftop patio, alterations to the parking and the addition of a first-floor patio that faces one of the main streets in Dallas. Of course, these significant alterations must be approved. Zoning laws and permit regulations must be followed. This is where the expertise of Masterplan comes into play. Consultation with Masterplan resulted in successful zoning in Dallas, TX for the hotel and the ability to move forward with the project as planned.

A History of Change

This isn’t the first time the Hotel Lumen has seen major changes. In the 1960s, the establishment began as a motel. Later, it became a retreat with a rooftop pool, four-star restaurant and tavern.

As it becomes a new addition to the Graduate Hotels collection, the redesigned hotel will feature 95 guest rooms, a coffee shop, a new bar and restaurant, a rooftop lounge, a communal lobby and an upgraded pool courtyard. Graduate Dallas will be joining the ranks of 14 other Graduate Hotels across the country that provide hot-spots for university-anchored cities.

The renovated hotel is scheduled to debut in 2020.

A Process of Change

These changes obviously don’t happen overnight, and they require extensive planning to come to fruition. Builders, property owners and investors can make many plans and dream of success, but the details must be dealt with to achieve these goals.

Without proper zoning, all plans could come to an abrupt halt. What would have been a beautiful building might never see the changes imagined by architects and engineers. Projects might need modifications, or they might need to be abandoned entirely.

Fortunately, Masterplan made things happen for Graduate Dallas. Through careful planning, detailed applications and reliable follow-through, the professionals at Masterplan succeeded in obtaining the approvals for this hotel renovation and repurposing. While the project involved many moving parts and extensive knowledge of Dallas zoning laws, the challenge was not too big for Masterplan. It’s easy to see why business owners have been relying on Masterplan for expert consultation since 1981.

Partnership for Success

The Hotel Lumen is just one story in a long track record of success for the professionals at Masterplan. We have obtained thousands of governmental approvals for our clients. We work with businesses, individuals, utilities and government agencies in all matters relating to land use, including zoning, subdivisions, building permits and other development approvals. Our team of highly accomplished experts is dedicated to excellence in service and ensuring each client sees results. When you have a major project on your plate, contact our team for successful zoning in Dallas, TX. Call us today to find out what Masterplan can do for you.