Successful Zoning Case: Wood Partners

May 2, 2019 | Dallas, Plat Representation, Zoning

Handling issues with zoning in Dallas, TX is a large part of what we do here at Masterplan, and recently we had the pleasure of working with Wood Partners, a nationwide company opening a Dallas location in Garland City. For Wood Partners, we were able to complete a successful zoning case for a four-story, 225-unit complex at Naaman Forest and Mansions Drive. Read on to learn more about how we work on zoning in Dallas, TX, as well as more information about Wood Partners.

Successful zoning

Zoning is the regulation of land use districts by the local government. These regulations determine the use of land, and for buildings, the height, lot size, density, coverage, floor area ratio and setbacks are all taken into account. Zoning and its regulations change, as a way to ensure the city can grow and change as well.

At Masterplan, we represented Wood Partners (as we do other property owners), which was trying to changing the zoning for an existing property. Zoning in Dallas, TX requires participating in public hearings at the planning commission and the city council level as part of the process in order to change the zoning of the property. As you can imagine, this can take some time, often about 12 weeks, because notices of the zoning changes have to also be mailed to area property owners within a certain radius of the property so they can be notified of these public hearings and be able to give their input into the proposed changes.

We presented a detailed plan for the zoning of the 225-unit complex in Garland for Wood Partners. The Garland City Council approved the plan by a vote of eight to one. Plus, we were able to get the tree mitigation fee reduced from $201,001 to $70,000. The zoning process was phenomenally successful.

Wood Partners

We were excited to work with Wood Partners, a large national development and construction company. Wood Partners’ development team handles all the key development components, including site selection, entitlement, design, solid financing and value generation. They have a huge network of development teams, which operate out of 19 offices across the country. Each team approaches each development opportunity with the fervor of any entrepreneur and with the wisdom of an experienced, established firm. They’ve worked in construction since 1988, building every type of apartment home available, from traditional garden-style to high-rise modern apartments.

Wood Partners’ expertise encompasses development, construction, acquisitions, asset management, property management and leadership. The firm uses an analytical, data-based approach for managing assets to measure asset performance and benchmarking. Their goal is to deliver the best value to their investors and partners and exceed expectations. Learn more about what Wood Partners does at

At Masterplan, we don’t only handle zoning in Dallas, TX, but also permitting, including handling building code compliance, inspections, platting, signage and abandonments, as well as lobbying. Whatever your business is in need of, we are here to help. Reach out to our team today to find out more about how we can help you succeed and meet your deadlines.