Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Work Permits in Dallas

Jun 11, 2019 | Lobbying and Economic Development, Residential Work Permits

Whether you’re adding on to your home or converting a garage into another bedroom, you likely need a residential work permit. Most homeowners have many questions when it comes to the process of obtaining a residential building permit in Dallas, TX. This collection of frequently asked questions will help you gain a better understanding of the permitting process.

What type of work requires a permit?

Nearly every type of demolition or construction of buildings or structures within Dallas’s city zoning jurisdiction will require a building permit. This includes constructing, enlarging and erecting new structures. Likewise, a permit is required when improving or repairing existing structures. Building permits are also required for the demolition of buildings or structures in Dallas.

Small cosmetic work to a home usually doesn’t require a residential building permit in Dallas, TX. This includes painting or replacing the carpet. However, projects like installing a six-foot fence or swimming pool will require a permit. Separate permits are needed for different types of work, including plumbing, HVAC and electrical.

Where do I begin the process of getting a permit?

Most home renovation or expansion projects start at the Zoning Review Division. Many projects for existing home improvements, such as an expansion, are reviewed the same day. If approved, you can proceed to the Permit Center to begin the process of getting your residential building permit in Dallas, TX.

New home construction requires that an application for a permit be submitted. It usually takes seven days or less for the Zoning board to review new construction applications. This timeframe allows the division to check that your proposed home location isn’t within a floodplain, covered under an easement or otherwise unavailable.

What do I need to get a permit?

The main thing you’ll need to apply for a permit is the permit application. Most home remodeling projects don’t require a plot plan. New construction or any additions, however, will require a plot plan or survey. This plan must be drawn to scale.

Who is required to secure the building permit?

You can apply for and obtain your own building permit, or your contractor can complete the permitting process on your behalf. If you plan to do any electrical, plumbing or mechanical work yourself, you’ll need to apply for a homeowner’s permit. To be granted a homeowner’s permit, you must be the homeowner, reside in the home and have filed for a homestead exemption.

If you have hired a plumber, HVAC professional or electrician to complete work, they will need to obtain their required permit. Be sure to hire a licensed tradesperson to complete your plumbing, mechanical or electrical needs. This ensures that the contractor is professional and has passed Texas state licensing.

Get Help Securing a Residential Building Permit in Dallas, TX

If you’re wondering how to go about securing a residential work permit for your home project or remodel, consider hiring professional consultants to help make the permitting process a breeze. Contact the permitting experts at Masterplan to get started obtaining the permits you need.