Understanding the Importance of Building Codes

Aug 28, 2019 | Building Code Evaluation, Lobbying and Economic Development, Technical Consulting

Have you ever felt frustrated by building code inspections in Dallas, TX? You may wonder why building code evaluations in Dallas, TX are required. What is the importance of building codes anyway? Are they really necessary, or are they just more red tape?

The fact is, building codes provide many helpful safeguards for society. Following are a few of the top benefits they offer:

  • Safety standards: Building codes are designed with safety in mind. The materials used and the design of the building must provide a reasonably safe environment for those using it. While no building is 100 percent risk-free, adhering to certain building codes will ensure the surroundings are as safe as possible with regards to the integrity of the structure.
  • Construction standards: Not only do building codes make properties safer, they also help guarantee their quality. Investors can rest assured that a property that meets building codes includes quality materials and is worth the amount they are paying for it.
  • Living standards: To maintain a certain standard of living, people must demand certain standards from property builders. Building codes regarding plumbing, electrical and other systems must be put in place to ensure the property offers the basic amenities expected by occupants. This includes safe and usable utilities and sound construction.
  • Protection against disaster: If a disaster occurs, it’s important that a building be able to withstand certain stress. Solid construction and appropriate exits are necessary to keep building occupants as safe as possible. Emergency exits, fire alarms, interior sprinkler systems and earthquake-proofing are just a few of the standards that help keep people safe during a disaster.
  • Parking and traffic flow: Building code evaluation in Dallas, TX may also include the parking situation for the building. There must be appropriate parking and safe traffic flow in and out of the property. This keeps drivers and pedestrians safer and prevents traffic congestion and accidents on and around the property.
  • Energy consumption regulations: Building code inspections in Dallas, TX can ensure the property uses an appropriate amount of energy. Efficient systems are necessary to protect the environment and safeguard our limited natural resources. Building codes encourage builders to make efforts to develop eco-friendly properties that conserve and sustain.
  • Economic protection: Inefficient, dilapidated and poor-quality properties are a drain on the economy. Maintaining building code standards helps the economy by preventing unnecessary incidents that result in property damage and personal injury. Establishing quality properties in a region keeps the economy healthier and encourages ongoing development of the city.

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