What Is the Average Zoning Permit Timeline in Dallas, TX?

What Is the Average Zoning Permit Timeline in Dallas, TX?

November 1, 2019

You’re probably aware that you need a zoning permit before you can begin any kind of land development. Each city and state have local rules and regulations that can vary, so getting an idea of how long you can expect to devote to the process is important. Masterplan is pleased to handle Dallas zoning permits for clients and developments both large and small, allowing you to focus on more efficient uses of your time.

When you’re applying, you will typically go through the following zoning permit timeline in Dallas, TX:

  • First week: In the first week, we consult with our clients and assess which zoning is necessary. Then we get started on the traffic waiver, which requires significant lead time. The Dallas Development Code requires a traffic study or a waiver for any project where there are 1,000 trips. If a study is warranted, Masterplan will find two bidders that will contract directly with the client. We also take care of making sure the legal description conforms to city standards.
  • First month: The first month also includes meetings with elected officials, city planners and neighborhood stakeholders, as well as filing paperwork for the request.
  • Months two and three: During this period, we conduct a zoning review team meeting to determine the staff’s opinion, wait for written comments and attend neighborhood meetings.
  • Fourth month: Four months after the submittal date, we go before the Realistic City Plan Commission for a hearing. The case must be advertised and requires meeting a specific city-set deadline.
  • Six months in or later: Around the six-month mark, the Realistic City Plan Commission public hearing is conducted. Two weeks later, the commission will render a decision. Then you’ll be able to start the building permit process—or let Masterplan handle it for you.

Masterplan can handle your Dallas zoning permits

Typically, the zoning permit timeline in Dallas, TX lasts six to seven months to achieve approval. However, if your needs are unusual in any way, that can significantly increase the time. Non-conforming uses, abandonment, annexation and other special circumstances tend to be a time-consuming hassle.

Depending on which kind of development you’re planning, you could find yourself having to spend a lot of extra time on the various applications and hearings. Your time could be better used elsewhere, so trust the experts. Instead of applying for your zoning permit and staying on top of the paperwork yourself, trust Masterplan with your permit process. We know the ins and outs of the system so that you can focus on your own area of expertise.

When it comes to platting, licensing or commercial building permits in Dallas, TX, no company matches Masterplan’s scope of abilities or proven results. We’re equipped with the knowledge, resources and experience necessary to ensure you get the permitting you need to move forward with your development in good standing with all relevant state and local authorities. To learn more about how the process works, or for answers to your questions about the zoning permit timeline in Dallas, TX, contact Masterplan today.

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