Getting a Building Permit in Austin

Feb 4, 2020 | Austin, Building Permit, Uncategorized

Whether you are a developer or a homeowner when you are ready to start a construction project,do not ignore the importance of the building plan review process. In Austin, TX, obtaining the proper permits can be a time-consuming and complex process. Austin is notorious for being both one of Texas’ biggest growth centers as well as a city with complex development codes and review processes.

Many owners, developers, architects, and engineers welcome assistance navigating the complex Austin permitting process. Masterplan can help by managing building permit and site plan
applications and processes. Masterplan’s permit expediters help you get building permits as quickly and easily as possible, thanks to decades of experience processing Texas land development applications, fostering relationships with local review agencies and departments, and continually monitoring organizational and rule changes.

Here is an overview of how to get a building permit in Austin, TX:

  1. Recognize when you need a permit: The city of Austin requires a permit to “erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, improve, remove, convert, move or demolish any
    building or structure within the City’s zoning jurisdiction or in certain Municipal Utility Districts.” That covers just about anything from home remodels to building from the ground up, including preparing a site for construction or redevelopment.

  2. Embrace the benefits of a permit expediter: As plan production is nearing completion, Masterplan expediters will begin preparing the permit application and required support material for submittal. The expediter serves as the primary point of contact during the plan review process, which allows the other members of the development team to focus on what they do best. The expediter continuously monitors the review status and timelines, coordinates plan revisions and responses to comments, and communicates with review staff to achieve desirable outcomes for the client and project.

  3. Plan review: After submitting an application, plans will be reviewed reviewed for compliance with development rules and requirements by an interdepartmental team of municipal staff that each review the plans within the context of specific Code sections. Although City of Austin reviewers are directed to complete plan reviews within specified timeframes, review schedules often slip, which is why an expediter that continuously monitors the City’s process and progress can be so beneficial.

  4. Plan approval: Once plans are approved, the expediter focuses on the tasks necessary to move the project from plan approval to the start of construction. Depending on the permit type and project, there are a number of coordination tasks required once plans are approved and before construction can start. Masterplan works with the City, owners, developers, and contractors to get plans, permits, and pre-construction details into the proper hands.

Residential and commercial building permits in Austin, TX

When you need development permits, let Masterplan navigate the regulations so you can focus on your project. Since 1981, Masterplan has been helping secure building permits and site plan
approvals for our clients all over the state of Texas. Our team fosters local connections which helps expedite the permitting process by knowing how to interpret standards and where to go for
solutions to site specific issues. Masterplan is uniquely suited to meet developer’s needs in part due to our contacts within local government and the collaborative partners within the private
sector. Let us help you secure your commercial or residential building permits and get your development project underway as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we
can help you.