Masterplan is Open and Actively Working on Projects

Mar 26, 2020 | Austin, Dallas, Land Use, Lobbying and Economic Development, Municipal Support Services, Permitting, Plat Representation, Texas, Zoning

Masterplan is open and actively working on projects. The City of Dallas is open and still accepting zoning and permitting applications. Now is the time to submit in the event that the City of Dallas decides to shut down to protect its employees. Now is also the time to submit to beat the rush of cases and permits when the social distancing ban is lifted.

Allow your project to get a head start coupled with Masterplan’s experience is a guaranteed successful equation. The City has significantly limited face to face contact with City of Dallas employees. Allow Masterplan to use our existing relationships and connections during this tumultuous time to process your zoning and permitting submittals. All submittals require extensive electronic communication and submittal processes. Allow our experience in project management to supervise your project through this new, ever-changing process. We will track submittal requirements, dates, City of Dallas comments, required revisions, etc., and update you accordingly with detailed responses that show continually movement of the project through the City of Dallas building permit processes.

Masterplan is a 40-year-old privately held zoning and building permitting company. We successfully weathered the oil bust of the 1980s, Black Monday of 1987, the tragic events of September 11th, and the Great Recession. Our firm worked resolutely through those events and we plan to do so again. Let our experience be your greatest asset in regard to building permitting or zoning cases in the City of Dallas, Texas.