Success Story: A Nine-Acre Rezone in Pearland, Texas

May 22, 2020 | Austin, Building Code Evaluation, Building Permit, Zoning

Everyone loves a success story, and since 1981, Masterplan has helped create thousands of them. One of our most recent victories was a successful rezone in Pearland, TX. Masterplan helps small and large businesses with zoning throughout Texas. We are experts at working with city officials and neighborhood groups to achieve positive zoning outcomes.

Successful rezone in Pearland, TX

The Austin, Texas Masterplan team successfully rezoned a nine-acre tract in a rapidly growing suburb of Houston. The property is part of the Southern Trails master-planned community and zoned PUD (Planned Unit Development) District. Prior to the zoning change, the property had limited development potential, as the only use allowed was for religious services.

Masterplan was called upon to help lobby for change in zoning to increase the development potential for this property. Masterplan negotiated with city staff, the Southern Trails HOA and Alvin ISD to amend the planned unit development for general business uses that include a variety of retail, office, limited recreational and personal services. The property owner plans to develop a portion of the tract with a 33,000 square foot gymnastics and tumbling facility, and the remainder of the tract will be developed with office, retail and personal service uses to serve the local community.

Why is rezoning important?

Zoning is the process by which a community decides how land should be developed and used. Traditionally, zoning regulations were designed to protect residential areas from heavier intensity uses such as drilling, manufacturing, and other potentially noxious uses. However, there is value in establishing land use patterns that offer residents and businesses within a community convenient access to goods and services. Zoning and land use patterns evolve over time in response to changes in demand, new products, and disruptions in services or industry. Rezoning is the process for modifying land use regulations to accommodate new demands and opportunities for a tract of land.

Zoning services in Texas

Masterplan has offices in three Texas cities including—Dallas, Austin and Houston. We provides businesses, individuals, utilities and government agencies with consulting services in all areas relating to land use, including zoning, subdivisions, building permits and other development approvals. Over the last four decades, we have obtained thousands of governmental approvals for our clients. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project and learn more about what Masterplan can do for you.