Success Story: Garages of Texas at Lakeway

May 26, 2020 | Austin, Building Permit, Land Use, Zoning

Masterplan’s goal is to smoothly and successfully navigate the zoning and permitting process for our clients. We have received thousands of approvals from government agencies throughout Texas. One of our most recent success stories is Garages of Texas at Lakeway—read on to find out what we did for them and learn more about the zoning and permitting process.

Construction underway at the Garages of Texas at Lakeway

Garages of Texas offers luxury garage condominiums that car enthusiasts can purchase to house, show-off, and enjoy their automobile collections within a community of like-minded individuals. These developments provide quality storage space for owners of classic and other high-value cars, while allowing the customer to retain complete control over the space—including building equity and finishing the space to satisfy personal tastes.

Garages of Texas at Lakeway recently had a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the start of construction of the 85,000 square foot project on RR 620, near Austin. Masterplan Austin assisted Garages of Texas throughout this process, beginning with a successful zoning request to secure a CUP (Conditional Use Permit) for self-storage use and modifying outdated deed restrictions to allow for commercial use on the tract.

After completing the site plan review process, Masterplan is now performing permit expediting services to facilitate the building permit process. With multiple agencies involved in the development review and approval process, this project really benefits from Masterplan’s process oversight and project management. 

Why hire a zoning and permitting consultant?

As a real estate developer, you are likely aware that rezoning and permitting can be a long and arduous process. In major Texas cities or in communities with an active and involved citizenry, the process can drag on for months—unless you have someone who is familiar with the procedures and the common pitfalls of the local jurisdiction. That is where Masterplan excels! 

Masterplan’s zoning consultants and permit expediters are not just familiar with the process, but we pride ourselves on being familiar with local issues and getting to know the employees and elected officials that will be evaluating and making decisions about our client’s projects. For developers and builders, this local knowledge and expertise translates to getting your projects underway sooner and receiving a return on your investment faster. 

Zoning and permit expediting services in Texas

Masterplan specializes in facilitating land use and development approvals in order to get projects permitted for construction faster. Since 1981, clients have been relying on Masterplan’s expertise in navigating zoning, permitting and more. If you’re looking for experts to help your Texas land use project, look no further than Masterplan. With offices in Dallas, Austin and Houston, call today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help with your project.