Dallas Council Backs Affordable Housing Project for Masterplan Client Housing Trust Group

Mar 9, 2021 | Dallas, Zoning

On Wednesday, February 24, the Dallas City Council unanimously passed a resolution of support for Housing Trust Group (HTG) for its application to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.  The resolution supports Masterplan’s client in their efforts to obtain the nine percent Low Income Housing Tax Credits. 

The project is located east of Harry Hines on Empire Central.  The development site requires a change of zoning which Masterplan will pursue in Dallas Council District 2.  The application zoning change will be for a Planned Development District which will have a detailed development plan that allows for more than 100 workforce housing apartments. 

The City of Dallas reports that there is a shortage of 20,000 housing units. The Dallas City Council has made affordable housing a priority to reduce that shortage.  

Masterplan regularly interacts with the City of Dallas staff on affordable projects across numerous city departments.  Likewise, the firm has experience educating neighbors about workforce housing and its merits. We expect to see affordable housing as a priority across Texas for the foreseeable future.  

HTG is a Florida-based developer that was voted Developer of the Year by the Miami Chamber of Commerce in 2019. 


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