Pedestrian Bridge to Connect Joppa

Nov 29, 2021 | Dallas

In 2020, Masterplan’s Shalondria Galimore began working with Dr. Ghassan Khankarli and Corey Morgan, both with the City of Dallas, regarding a pedestrian bridge for the Joppa community. Joppa is a historic Freedman’s Town, where freed slaves once settled, is home to a population of nearly 1,100 people. The 8-million-dollar project has been a critical need for the community providing safe passage for pedestrians on foot.

When the long-awaited bridge to the community was first constructed in 2006, it was without pedestrian access, and that made it difficult for residents that were without vehicles, to travel across the bridge. After meetings, and strong negotiations, North Central Texas Council of Governments earmarked $500,000 for a 3-year Joppa Rides program, exclusively for the citizens in the community, and for this project solely.

“The Joppa community is part of the fabric of Dallas. Working with a team of community volunteers, we are tirelessly working to ensure our community remains connected,” said Shalondria Galimore, leader of the South Central Civic League. “The Joppa community will stay connected and work to build additional avenues of mobility in the future.”

In the future, Shalondria plans to continue the conversation with her community and keep them updated about the inner workings of the project with the hope of it being completed by 2023.