Fibre is the Future with Ubiquity in Georgetown

Jan 6, 2022 | Austin

Next generation fibre infrastructure has made it to Georgetown.  In a December 14th meeting City Council approved a pole attachment agreement, which will pave the way for the construction of an open access fiber optic network throughout the city.

Masterplan of Texas introduced Ubiquity, a private infrastructure investment firm, to the City of Georgetown and began the process of this $75M project slated to begin in early 2022.

Managing director Greg Dial of Ubiquity says, “Our open-access fibre model is designed to accommodate both current and future connectivity use cases including support of mobile carriers, smart city applications, edge computing, and a broad choice of broadband providers.”

Building once and connecting all is the approach. Ubiquity claims this reduces cost and interference for providers looking to expand to Georgetown while maximizing connectivity choices to residents and businesses bringing connected solutions to the city.

“Ubiquity’s multi-tenant approach deploys infrastructure once for multiple service providers reducing street cuts, pole attachments, and other construction disruptions while reaching many parts of the community where legacy providers have failed,” says Lee Kleinman, Senior Advisor for Masterplan.

Sounds like continued and successful growth for the City of Georgetown!