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Wes Hoblit Appointed to the Fort Worth Board of Adjustment  

Jun 29, 2022 | Employee Success, Fort Worth

Wes Hoblit, Managing Director of Masterplan’s Fort Worth office, has recently been appointed to serve on the Fort Worth Board of Adjustment. As a Fort Worth resident and graduate of Texas Christian University, Wes is excited about the opportunity to serve the Fort Worth community. After becoming an official homeowner in the city, Wes was eager to become more engaged in the city process due to his previous and current work experience in real estate and land-use. As a result, he reached out to his new council member to discuss where his expertise and experience would be most beneficial to the city. Their discussion led them to determine Wes’ expertise would be most helpful to the Fort Worth Board of Adjustment.   

The Board of Adjustment plays an important role in communities because they decide cases where there are potential errors in decisions, requirements, or determinations. Wes will be serving on the Commercial sector of the Board of Adjustment, where he will review requests from commercial property owners that wish to alter the existing code for development purposes. Specifically, requests that pertain to certain building codes, variances, and requests that deviate from the standard code established by the City of Fort Worth. The most common requests include fence height, additional height allowances, and setbacks from property lines.  

Wes’ expertise in land-use consulting and real estate allows him to review each case from a broader lens than the typical appointee due to his diverse background working with both the public and private sectors in numerous markets. “I’m excited about the opportunity to make a direct and positive impact on the future of Fort Worth. The city has seen tremendous growth and this trend is only going to continue as more people and companies move to the area,” said Wes about the future of the city. 

Masterplan team members are committed to the growth and well-being of the communities we serve. As such, we find various ways to support these communities, such as serving on a public board. With 40 years of experience, Masterplan prides itself on the depth of knowledge and expertise each of our employees has in land-use consulting and real estate.  

Congratulations to Wes on this huge accomplishment. We are excited to see how his expertise will benefit the Fort Worth community!