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Post Malone, Dallas Cowboys Themed Raising Cane’s Open with the Help of One Masterplan Employee.

Oct 12, 2023 | Client News, Company News

The new Dallas Cowboys-themed Raising Cane’s right in the heart of DFW is truly a showstopper. With a 32-foot star as its drive-through, memorabilia from notable players, and the hope of seeing DFW native Post Malone for its grand opening, it’s any Dallas lover’s dream. 

However, this start-studded grand opening was only possible with one Masterplan employee’s ability to go above and beyond. 

Ethel Green, Senior Consultant for Masterplan, was tasked with processing permits for the grand opening, which the notable singer-songwriter Post Malone would be attending. In other words, it was going to be a tight deadline. That’s especially challenging when dealing with city permitting. However, Mrs. Green was a pro at this; she brings more than 30 years of city experience, specializing in permit processing, and has a background as a permit clerk for the city of Dallas. So, she stepped up and took it upon herself to provide a seamless and unforgettable experience for the client. 

“Ethel, unlike many folks that do this kind of service, she knows how to read the plans and understands what is needed to get a sign-off,” said Robert Montgomery, Sr. Director of Property Development for Raising Cane’s. “She called us one day while at the counter and talked us through what she needed to show the reviewer. We then instructed the team to get these documents together, and, bam! She got us completed. Love, Love, Love it!” 

This level of dedication and commitment to setting the standard earned Mrs. Green high praise once the job was complete, not just from colleagues or the client but also from partners on the project who noticed her unwavering dedication to the project’s success. 

“We would still be waiting if it was not for the hard work of Ethel with Masterplan!” Said Charles Jordan, Project Manager at CSRS. 

Mrs. Green has recently begun her retirement. We wanted to thank her for her exceptional commitment to clients and the tireless efforts she has put in over her years of service with Masterplan! Thank you, Ethel, for all that you have done! 

The grand opening will be held on October 12th, 2023, at 2255 W. Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX. 75220. The restaurant will resume regular hours following the opening, where hungry patrons can catch a bite to eat before kick-off or before a show.