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Self-Storage Zoning and Approvals: Your ISS Roadshow Recap

Dec 5, 2023 | Education, Self Storage

Dallas Cothrum and Eric Ochel’s attendance at the Inside Self Storage Roadshow in Irving, TX, was an excellent opportunity for Masterplan to connect with industry members and leaders within the self-storage industry. The event provided a platform for attendees to learn more about enhancing their business, and Masterplan was able to offer recommendations for entitlement and make connections within the industry. 

As an industry expert and leader, Dallas was selected to speak at the roadshow with other notable industry experts. His presentation on Zoning and Approvals Processes gave attendees valuable insights on navigating the zoning and community approval process. Dallas shared strategies for winning community approval, common mistakes to avoid in the zoning process, and an insider look at how market trends impact the storage world.

While facing challenges such as difficult city planners and idealized comprehensive plans favoring high-end residential areas and restaurants, consider these notable takeaways highlighted from Dallas’s presentation to remember when it comes time to start the re-zoning process. 

  1. Engage in the community. Community involvement is a necessary cornerstone of many Masterplan projects. Making it easy and accessible for community members to understand zoning changes within their own space is vital to winning community approval. Meet them early and be transparent, set up websites and QR codes, and, if possible, connect with local HOA groups. 
  2. Know your location. Depending on our site’s location, getting approval could take up to 10 months. An urban zoning approval is a lengthy and complicated process that takes upwards of ten months on average. On the other hand, suburbs take an average of four to five months. Consider this when planning to zone in suburbs vs. a city. 
  3. Understand your opposition. City planners are not real estate people; they do not use market trends to justify ends. To ration with planners, know whether your city is pro-business or pro-city. If they are pro-city, highlight community benefits and show communal value. If they are pro-business, you already have the upper hand. Highlight how you increase the city tax revenue and save city resources.

Masterplan leads the self-storage industry in zoning approvals, having helped more than one hundred operations obtain neighborhood and city approvals. Notable Masterplan clients include Extra Space Storage and Public Storage. 

To learn more about Self-Storage Zoning, you can download Masterplan’s guide on the Top 5 Factors to Consider When Zoning for Self-Storage. It covers more on how to navigate locations, city planners, community, and city personalities. 

If you were unable to connect with Dallas and Eric in Irving last month, no worries; Masterplan will be attending the Inside-Self Storage Expo in Vegas next year. Dallas has been selected as a keynote speaker for the conference, where he will share a deep dive into the current economy, generational change, and its influence on self-storage. 

The Expo is April 2-5, 2024, in Las Vegas. Registration opens in January. See details here.