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  • Navigating the Board of Adjustment with Masterplan Consultant, Steve Long.

Navigating the Board of Adjustment with Masterplan Consultant, Steve Long.

Feb 13, 2024 | Company News, Dallas, Technical Consulting

The Masterplan team is thrilled to announce the addition of Steve Long as a consultant focusing on the Board of Adjustment. With an impressive 40 years of public sector experience, much of it dedicated to serving the City of Dallas, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

Steve’s urban planning and design journey began at the University of Cincinnati, where he earned his bachelor’s degree before embarking on a career with the City of Dallas’s Department of Planning and Development. His tenure there saw him deeply involved in pivotal citywide initiatives, including the comprehensive rezoning process.

In 1992, Steve became the Assistant Board Administrator for Dallas’s Board of Adjustment, and within three years he was promoted to Board Administrator. As the sole staff member and planner dedicated to serving this Board, which consisted of three panels, Steve oversaw an astonishing 3,500 requests, exemplifying his commitment to serving the citizens of Dallas.

The Board of Adjustment plays a crucial role in municipal government, particularly regarding zoning and land use regulations. This quasi-judicial body serves as a mechanism for citizens and developers to seek relief or variances when strict adherence to zoning laws causes undue hardship or prevents reasonable use of their property. The decisions made by the Board of Adjustment can have significant impacts on property owners, neighborhoods, and the broader community, making it a vital component of local government.

One of Steve’s notable contributions during his time as Board Administrator was the development of a robust communication system, ensuring transparency and clarity for both internal and external stakeholders involved in the Board’s proceedings. His caring approach extended to every aspect of his role, from personally photographing properties to meticulously preparing case reports and presentations for each request.

Steve’s reputation for attention to detail and unwavering dedication to ensuring fairness in the Board of Adjustment process precedes him, and his ability to demystify complex procedures and his commitment to ensuring that all parties understood the process is indicative of his servant’s heart. In the short time since joining our team, Steve has already proven himself to be an indispensable colleague, seamlessly integrating his competency into projects. His presence at Board meetings also communicates our ability to confidently navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

We are honored to welcome such a respected leader in the Dallas community to the Masterplan team and look forward to the invaluable contributions he will continue to make. Welcome, Steve!