ZONING CHANGE: 2602-2614 McKinney Ave. Dallas, Texas

Stonelake McKinney

Dallas, Texas
District 14

People to Know:

Dallas Cothrum, CEO              Team Lead

Karl Crawley, President

Lee Kleinman
Senior Advisor

Paul Ridley, Councilmember
Dallas City Council District 14

Melissa Kingston
Planning Commissioner                  214- 642-1366                                  mkingston@fflawoffice.com




Proposed Rezoning 2602/2614 McKinney Ave. to be filed in 2022.

The request for this project is a General Zoning change to a Planned Development compatible with the Oak Lawn Plan for mixed use office building. The current zoning is Light Commercial (LC) which allows for 240’ in height with 80% lot coverage and allows for retail, commercial, office, hotel and up to 140 multi-family units.  Neither multi-family nor bar use in this project

Why You Should Support This Project

  • This project will replace the aging 3 story office building and disruptive night club with an upscale office tower.  It includes ground level landscaping and wide sidewalks contributing to the walkability of this neighborhood.

Project Updates

Stay Informed

Stay up to date on the latest project information and provide project feedback:  https://forms.office.com/r/VStYHwHBDm


    Masterplan is establishing virtual and in person meetings to provide transparency to community members.



     What is the building height from grade?  They understand that the current LC allows for 240’ and that PDS 127 (club parcel) allows 232’.  They have expressed concern that the height is measured from the 1st floor so that on a podium build the parking garage doesn’t count.  I have assured them it is measured from the average grade of the property corners, that we intend to stay under the 240’, and that the bank lobby is the first floor.

    The building is measured from the average height of the ground level. In this case, the building has about 2’ of fall from the north to south end. Meaning that it’s measured at about 1’-0” above grade to the top of the parapet (which is the very top of all rooftop equipment as well). So technically, the building will actually be about 239’-0” tall.

     How many levels of parking are below grade and how many above? What will be the height of the garage from grade?  They have already counted the levels from the massing diagrams despite being told its conceptual.  They counted 5.

    Currently there are 5 levels of below grade parking and 6 levels of above grade parking. This will result in a parking reduction from the city. Essentially, the building will have less parking than is required. The garage level height is 67-68’ high depending on where it’s measured. However, it is incorporated into the tower façade language (there are no metal screens) so the only way you will really be able to tell it’s a garage is by the amenity deck that will sit atop it. We have updated façade renderings that we can share on the meeting next week.

    Do we plan to increase the width of the alley?  I said, no, but we will restore it to the existing condition.  They are concerned about that traffic increases.  I assured them that we are trying to keep all of our traffic within the site.

    We have been instructed by civil that we cannot alter, nor can we use the alley in any way. So, we have no plan to modify it. If through the construction process some aspect of it is damaged it will be rebuilt to it’s current state. In terms of the traffic, there will be an increase in traffic to the site. But, all traffic is going to be entering the garage at Boll and exiting left on Boll. So for the neighborhood there will be a limited traffic increase. Scot Johnson can probably answer this better than Beck. Additionally, with our massive drop off condition, we will contain much of the inconvenient traffic conditions on McKinney within the building entrance.



    Dallas Cothrum