ZONING CHANGE: 3312 Daniel Ave. University Park, Texas

CSC Daniel, LLC

University Park, Texas

People to Know:
Dallas Cothrum

Trenton Robertson






The request is to change the zoning from Multiple-Family Dwelling District 3 (MF-3) to a Planned Development District. This will allow for the continuation of multi-family residential uses permit for an interior remodel of the existing units and rooms redesign. It will improve the on-site parking spaces, enhance the landscaping to promote pedestrian activity, and to improve the overall design of the façade enhancing it and making it more architecturally consistent with the surrounding properties along Daniel Avenue. The proposal will not increase the density (number of dwellings and bedrooms), increase impervious cover, or permit the expansion of the primary structure. The approval of this project would ensure that this structure’s historical imprint be preserved and maintained for many more years to come. 

Why You Should Support This Project

  • This is simply an interior remodel and a new façade for the building at 3312 Daniel Avenue (the building located directly to the east of the SMU Law School parking garage).  Our client plans a complete remodel and new façade for this pre-World War II building sometimes known as the Peach Palace.  This architectural rendering shows the before and after and helps to demonstrate our desire to make the structure a contributing, historical structure, rather than an eyesore.  We will also change the nature of the building from strictly student housing to be more upscale and typical of rentals on the west side of Snider Plaza.

Project Updates

  • Application has been submitted


  • April 27, 2022 at 6pm                                                                                                                                                    University Park Elementary School                                                                                                                            3500 Lovers Lane                                                                                                                                                          Dallas, Texas 75225




Dallas Cothrum