ZONING CHANGE: 3900 S. Robinson Rd. Grand Prairie, Texas

Pivotal Residential 

Grand Prairie, Texas

People to Know:
Lee Kleinman
Senior Advisor
lee@masterplantexas.com      214-403-3369

Andrew Ruegg, MUEP, RAS
Senior Consultant

Amy Mathews                                  Senior Consultant                    amy@masterplantexas.com



Due to an issued Winter Storm Warning, the scheduled community meeting for Thursday, February 2nd is uncertain.  Please visit this website for updated information as it occurs.



Re-zoning of approximately 42.79 acres from Planned Development 28 and 294B to a new Planned Development for multifamily, hotel, and restaurant/retail uses. Of the 42.79 acres, PD 28, and PD 294B comprise approximately 22.05 acres and 20.74 acres, respectively. 

Why You Should Support This Project

  • The applicant is proposing a highly-amenitized, market-rate, multifamily product with a maximum of 320 units that is complementary to the proposed restaurant/retail and hotel uses through horizontal, mixed-use planning across the larger 42.79-acre mixed-use site. Regarding the multifamily tract, the applicant is proposing an overall decrease in density from the existing, by-right zoning, PD 28. Additionally, the proposed area for the multi-family portion of the project includes an additional 20.74-acre tract currently zoned PD 294B, which results in an even less dense development. Comparable new, multifamily developments continue to attract young professional and the like who do not want to be tied to a mortgage, do not want maintenance costs, or repair bills, and prefer to pay rent incorporating property taxes rather than pay property taxes directly. Luxury apartment living, such as the proposed project, provide amenities that homeowners often do not have or cannot maintain including luxury pools, outdoor living areas, gyms, dog parks, and other outdoor facilities that improve the quality of living for residents and the community.




  • Community Meeting  No. 1
    Date: February 2, 2023 – 6:00 P.M.                                                                                                              Location: Dalworth Recreation Center





Andrew Ruegg, MUEP, RAS