ZONING CHANGE: 5002 W. Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas

Providence Christian School

Dallas, Texas

People to Know:

Dallas Cothrum
President, Masterplan

Amy Mathews, AICP                         Senior Consultant                             amy@masterplantexas.com 

Cherrell Dennis-Charles                  Consultant                            cherrell@masterplantexas.com                                                    Stormey Foster                                PR Manager stormey@masterplantexas.com




The request is to amend and expand the zoning from the existing Planned Development (PD) known as PD-771.This will encompass the entire property. So that we can support future educational development and accommodate our student body at Providence Christian School.

Why You Should Support This Project

  • Provides Revitalization to an Educational Institution that’s been in the community for 24 years
  • Provides Improvements of Green space and landscaping on project site
  • Provides access to better amenities among the student population
  • Provides parking lot expansion and safer traffic routes within and around the campus

Project Updates

  • Project Filing Projection Date (November)


  • Kick off- Neighborhood Community Meeting
    Date: September 27, 2023 6:30-7:30pm                                                                                                   Location: Providence Christian School  (5002 W. Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas 75209)                     Community Meeting PPT Presentation (Click to VIew)                                                                      Providence Christian School Public Meeting Minutes (Click to View)
  • Next Projected Community Meeting (October)


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Amy Mathews, AICP

Senior Consultant