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Masterplan brings almost 40 years of private development expertise and regulatory interests toward the goal of building world-class cities and well-planned communities across Texas. We can assist municipalities in long-term solutions or provide stopgap services with cost-effective solutions to accomplish more with limited staffing and resources. Masterplan has helped communities increase efficiency by analyzing development proposals, preparing zoning and site development reports, completing special projects, and providing plan review services.



One of the core focuses of Masterplan is lobbying and economic development in and around Dallas, TX and the state of Texas. We’re seasoned lobbyists with the ability to exert influence and expertise when it comes to facilitating specific municipal actions. If you need to move ahead on a development but are railroaded by bureaucracy, let us help. Our team of experienced consultants and city hall veterans has served both private clients and public agencies in all types of matters requiring government approval. Whether contractual, statutory, or procedural, we work hard to keep your projects moving forward, including using our influence to secure entitlements and other licenses. We have secured several significant economic incentives for our clients.

Rosewood Court

Land Use Studies and Consultation

Our seasoned staff has conducted and completed a variety of land use studies in Dallas, TX, and the entire state of Texas. We’re experienced in working with various government entities at all levels, obtaining and/or preserving entitlement for the use of property. This includes research/evaluation of existing rights/limits for sites, to assist in evaluation/analysis for purchase/sale or development. We bring a market-driven approach to municipal planning.

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Board of Adjustment Representation

The Board of Adjustment has specific rules prohibiting interaction with board members and requiring super-majority votes for approval. This process also requires a public hearing, notices to be mailed to area property owners, and a sign posted on the property. We handle this and more, ensuring you’re well represented at every phase.

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due diligence

Due Diligence

A critical project component, we provide due-diligence services to every client we work with. This research investigates several aspects of a development, existing rights, and conditions of a tract of land. Information yielded includes existing zoning, infrastructure availability, surrounding uses and zoning, and investigation of existing structures on-site.

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