ZONING CHANGE: 2600 Singleton Ave. Dallas, Texas

GAF Materials Corporation

Dallas, Texas
District 6

People to Know:

Lee Kleinman
Senior Consultant

Andrew Ruegg
Planning Consultant

Shalondria Galimore              Community Liaison                shalondria@masterplantexas.com

Omar Narvaez                                  City Council Contact
Dallas City Council District 6

Deborah Carpenter
City Plan Commissioner         


Proposed Rezoning of 2600 Singleton Avenue

This request is to change the zoning district from Industrial Research (IR) with a legally non-conforming use to a Planned Development based (PD) based on Mixed Use 3 (MU3). The change removes industrial uses and provides the most flexibility for residential, retail, and commercial uses. The request will include a provision to terminate current operations of the existing industrial use by 2029.

GAF Stack Test Press Release

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Why You Should Support This Project

  • An application has been filed. Prior to a formal hearing, a series of planning and educational meetings will be held with interested community members to develop a vision for the site and create a plan for future uses that are compatible with the neighborhood and enhances the quality of life for West Dallas residents.

Project Updates

  • We anticipate about 6 meetings starting in November and finishing in March with the goal of a community informed design to present to the City Plan Commission and City Council.  Meeting dates below were initially proposed.  Adjustments will be made to increase availability and attendance.  Most likely the first meeting will be before the end of 2022 and the others in 2023.


  • Mtg #1 – Vision Process:
    November 30 – 6:00pm

  • Mtg #2 –  Emissions Discussion:
    January 25th– 6:00pm
    Location: West Dallas Multipurpose Center
    2828 Fish Trap Road, Dallas, Texas 75212
  • Mtg #3 – Education Zoning:          TBD
  • Mtg #4 – Design Charette:            TBD
  • Mtg #5 – Recommendations:       TBD
  • Mtg #6 – Final Presentation:        TBD
  • Additional Mtg if needed:              TBD

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Lee Kleinman

Senior Consultant