We are land use consultants providing zoning, permitting, subdivision, municipal review, lobbying, and other consulting services across central and south Texas.



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Masterplan Austin adds local knowledge and experience to our already extensive expertise & network of connections

Established and varied relationships as well as a deep understanding of local regulations and procedures are absolute requirements when navigating issues of land use.

Austin is one of Texas’ main growth hubs and economic epicenters, where businesses are exposed to robust opportunities and growth potential. An absolute requirement for taking advantage of these opportunities is a partner, like Masterplan, that has a deep understanding of local regulations and procedures. We have more than a decade of experience in the Austin area and a large network of connections to draw from.

Our clients include land developers, brokers, architects, civil engineering firms, utility companies, large corporations, small businesses, individuals, and even municipalities themselves.  We work with everyone “in the business,” which helps us quickly and expertly come to a resolution to achieve your specific goals.

Zoning, Land Use, and Lobbying

Zoning in Austin, TX can be extremely complicated to navigate, and change is normally met with resistance at the governmental level. Masterplan has decades of experience working through many complicated zoning issues, from interpreting standards to lobbying for change. We have done it all. Masterplan’s vast network of connections in municipal government and the private sector makes us uniquely suited to advocate for your zoning project.

Zoning is the prime tool for implementing a Austin’s Comprehensive Plan. By controlling land uses and setting development standards throughout Austin, TX, zoning can guide development. Zoning sets standards for building setbacks, building height, parking, screening, and permitted activities.

Zoning patterns are not necessarily a statement of current policies. Land uses evolve as the goals of a community or landowner change, as the population grows, and in response to serving the needs of a community.

Masterplan Austin’s vast network of connections in municipal government and the private sector makes them uniquely suited to advocate for you! We organize community meetings and other outreach. We present to city council and commissions. We know where to find the information that is relevant to your needs.


Permitting and Licensing

Need a building permit in Austin, TX? Masterplan can manage and expedite the process of obtaining commercial site permits and building permits throughout central and south Texas, including the City of Austin, City of San Antonio, and the Houston area. Masterplan Austin also provides assistance with special permits your business may need, including TABC alcohol licensing. Let us navigate the permitting process so you can obtain the approvals you need with the greatest ease possible.

Typical Services:

  • Obtain required permits for commercial and residential development
  • Coordination of submittal items for government review
  • Monitor and expedite the plan review process and timelines
  • Interpret code requirements
  • Obtain liquor license approvals from local agencies and TABC

Municipal Services

Our experienced consultants and collaborative approach enable Masterplan to help resolve complex issues facing local communities with the goal of building world-class cities and well-planned communities. We are available to help your municipality fulfill its development and regulatory interests in the short or long term. Our services provide a cost-effective solution tailored to each municipality’s needs and budget.

Masterplan Austin’s knowledge and expertise allows them to help more than just the private sector. Municipalities often need assistance with special projects, case studies, and third party review services.

Our Municipal Services Include:

  • Review of Comprehensive Plans, Zoning Ordinances, Development Handbooks, and other processes.
  • Evaluation of zoning change considerations and preparation of reports with recommendations that help align to the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Research municipal ordinances, regulations, and guidelines to facilitate city code improvements.

Why do you need a consultant?

Municipalities gain the benefit of an ‘outsider view’ of their Comprehensive Plan and general policies. One of the best outsiders is a consulting firm who’s primary responsibility is to work with municipalities on behalf of private clients.

It is a win-win scenario. Municipalities partner with the private sector and are able to gain insight as to how they can more effectively put their plans into action. The private sector benefits in smoother and more clear processes, regulations, and timelines.