When it comes to platting, licensing, or residential and commercial building permits in Dallas, TX, no company matches Masterplan’s scope of abilities or proven results. We’re equipped with the knowledge, resources and experience to ensure you get the permitting you need to move forward with your development in good standing with state and local governance requirements. Likewise, your timing needs are of primary interest to us.

Building Code Services

Building Code Services: We evaluate building and/or other codes for their impact on development or construction. This includes analyzing construction plans, site plans, or other documents as they relate to obtaining a commercial or residential building permit in Dallas, TX or the state of Texas.

Building Permit

We’ll secure necessary permits for commercial or residential developments. This includes permits for new construction, remodeling, demolition, tree removal, addendums, or signs. Then count on us to coordinate all submittal items and work with local government officials to expedite permit release.

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) serves as a license to do business at a specified location within city limits for a particular use. Obtaining a CO involves city inspections of a building’s structure, plumbing, electrical systems, and compliance with zoning and parking regulations. We speed up the process of obtaining a CO, regardless of your business type.


Through our affiliate company LaBarba Permit Service, we assist individuals or companies seeking alcohol, lottery, or other required licenses from government agencies. Look to us to handle the filing process and ensure your application is expedited and license is issued timely.


We assist in establishing a building site by combining or reconfiguring existing lots or unplatted tracts of land. This process may include a public hearing at each step, but can be approved by the staff in many instances, with limited or no interaction with appointed or elected officials. The exception is residential replats, which require public hearings and notification of surrounding property owners (much like a zoning case). Regardless of your plat situation, we’re ready to help.

Special Use Permit (SUP)

These permits allow special use, conditional use, or specific use under certain circumstances. SUPs are often required for batch plants, the sale or manufacture of alcohol, schools, dance halls, metal salvage, cell towers, transportation, industrial uses, and other circumstances. In most cities, it’s the same or similar process required for a zoning change; it’s not actually a permit and isn’t issued over-the-counter. Rely on our consultants to help you—we’ve obtained nearly 1,000 SUPs for property owners since 1981.

Subdivision Applications (Plats and Replats)

Residential and commercial properties may require a subdivision application with a local municipality, which may include a plat or replat application. Our team coordinates submittal requirements and signatures for preliminary or final plat procedures. We will present and defend applications as the planning and zoning commission or city council considers them.

TABC Permits

If you’re planning on manufacturing, selling, distributing, or allowing consumption of alcohol, you’ll need a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) license in Dallas, TX. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully expedite and acquire your initial permit and future renewals.

Alcohol License

Did you know there are more than 70 different types of alcohol licenses in Dallas, TX? Depending on what you’re selling, how you’re selling or whom you’re selling it to, the correct licenses are required by law. Let us help you make the right choice.

Health Permits

If you operate a business that provides any sort of food or drink service, you’re going to need a health permit that’s renewed annually. We can help you set up your state-mandated inspection and obtain the proper permitting quickly.

Certificate of Occupancy

This is your literal license to operate a business, and you’ll need a powerful ally on your side to obtain your certificate to open your business in a timely manner. Let us help make the process as simple as possible.

Cigarette License

Planning on selling cigarettes at your establishment? Count on us to help you get the right paperwork filed and renewed every two years. It’ll be business as usual for you and your customers.

Lottery License

Did you know you can’t sell lottery tickets if you have a TABC permit authorizing on-premises alcohol consumption? We can help you navigate complexities like these, while ensuring you get the proper permitting to lawfully sell lottery tickets.