Dosier Residential Plat

Client Name: Wade Dosier

Dallas, Texas


  • Plat Representation 

        Project Description

        In 2018, Dallas experienced microburst storms. For Wade Dosier and his family, it was a catastrophic event. While the family was on vacation the storm struck their neighborhood. During the course of the storm, the chimney caved in and their family home was flooded. The water was in part from the rain water, the sprinkler systems that had been damaged, and the fact that no one was home to turn the water system off. The family returned from their vacation to a home that was no longer inhabitable or able to be saved.  

        Wade Dosier wanted to replat the land from one lot to three lots. Within Dallas, this can be a very complex and subjective process.  


        • Dallas property owners face some of the toughest platting procedures in the State of Texas.  

          Strategies Used

          • Researched the site and surrounding areas. 
          • Compared lot areas and complete lot size analysis. 
          • Masterplan worked with the property owner to contact every property owner in the area, multiple times, to gain their support and answer any questions they had.  
          • Executed historical site research to assist city staff in confirming the historic block face and how this replat was maintaining that reconfiguration. 


          • The lot was replatted, so that the family could repair damage to the home caused by the storm and perform reconstruction on the larger plat of land. 

            TEAM LEAD


            Kiesha Kay
            Senior Consultant

            Ms. Kay joined Masterplan in July 2019 after a long career working for the City of Dallas as the Chief Planner for the Sustainable Development and Construction Department. Her experience with the City of Dallas and her graduate-level education from Texas A&M University bring new ideas and insight to Masterplan. She has several years of proven experience working for local governments and serving community organizations, development professionals, architects/engineers, and others engaged in urban planning and development.