Highland Park Village Community Engagement

Client Name:
Highland Park Village

Highland Park, Texas


  • Community Engagement

    Project Description

    The Highland Park Village Planned Development Amendment project, led by Masterplan, aimed to integrate a 1,497-square-foot Dior Café into the historic Highland Park Village shopping center while preserving its unique charm. The project involved active community engagement through meetings, mailers, and a webpage to ensure full community transparency. Addressing key concerns such as parking, operational hours, and maintaining a balanced mix of businesses, Masterplan worked closely with residents, business owners, and city officials. This collaborative effort resulted in the successful approval of the amendment, enriching the shopping center’s offerings while maintaining its historic integrity.


    • Inadequate parking
    • Number of food and beverage establishments
    • Hours of operation
    • Insufficient neighborhood support

    Strategies Used

    To address the challenges and secure community support for the Highland Park Village Planned Development Amendment, we implemented several strategic initiatives. We organized multiple public meetings and workshops within the area to engage with community members, provide project updates, and gather feedback, ensuring that residents had a platform to voice their concerns. We sent informational mailers to neighbors, detailing the project’s progress, outlining key benefits, and inviting them to participate in public meetings, ensuring comprehensive community involvement. We also created a dedicated project webpage, where regular updates, resources, and relevant documentation were posted throughout the project’s lifecycle, serving as a central hub for information accessible at any time.

    These comprehensive strategies ensured that the project met the business objectives of Highland Park Village while addressing the needs and concerns of the community, leading to the successful approval and integration of the Dior Café.


    The comprehensive strategies we implemented and collaboration between all parties led to several successful outcomes for the Highland Park Village Planned Development Amendment. Off-site parking locations were identified, a shuttle rider system was launched for employees to reduce the strain on available parking spaces, and wayfinding signage was implemented. Ultimately, the proposed site plan change was approved, allowing for the integration of the Dior Café while addressing the community’s needs and maintaining the charm of Highland Park Village.


    The collaborative efforts between Highland Park Village, Masterplan, and the community resulted in a well-thought-out plan that was ultimately approved by the city. The amendment allows for the addition of the Dior Café, enriching the shopping center’s offerings while preserving its unique character and charm. This project demonstrates a successful balance between development and community engagement, setting a precedent for future projects within Highland Park Village.



    Dallas Cothrum, PhD

    Throughout his career, Dr. Cothrum has worked on numerous politically charged and technically difficult cases. He is responsible for consulting with and advising clients on requirements for zoning and permit applications for various area municipalities. His practice includes significant experience in public presentations before community groups, municipal boards, commissions, and councils concerning zoning changes, variances, and plats.  Dr. Cothrum typically assists clients from due diligence and site selection through the entire zoning and building permit process, culminating with a certificate of occupancy.