Hunt Oil Company Headquarters

Client Name: Hunt Oil Company

Dallas, Texas


  • Lobbying 
  • Economic Incentives 

        Project Description

        The Hunt Oil Company Headquarters occupies 475,000 square feet of office space and 166,000 square feet of parking. Located at the entrance of downtown Dallas on 1900 North Akard Street, the 14-story building has become a landmark for those in the area. It is also rated among the greenest buildings due to the unique energy saving system and the fact that many of the furnishings were recycled. 


        • Obtaining economic incentives from the City of Dallas. 
        • The mayor at the time of the project, Laura Miller, was strongly opposed.  

          Strategies Used

          • Reasoning with the city as to why a local company would not have the same opportunity as a business located outside of the area.  
          • Gained council member support due to their differences with another council member.  
          • Working with the client, Masterplan chose a viable alternate location in Las Colinas where other booming companies are located. This gave the council members an incentive to give Masterplan the abatement, so that the money would not be spent elsewhere. 


          • The project was very successful and had many unique touches to complete the design. The exterior LED lighting even changes color depending on when the Dallas Mavericks or Dallas Stars are playing. Another interesting detail that Hunt Oil Company changed is the top floor. Most companies would put the executive office here, but instead it was turned into a cafeteria so that all employees can enjoy the view. 

            TEAM LEAD


            Dallas Cothrum, PhD
            Chief Executive Officer 

            Throughout his career, Dr. Cothrum has worked on numerous politically charged and technically difficult cases. He is responsible for consulting with and advising clients on requirements for zoning and permit applications for various area municipalities. His practice includes significant experience in public presentations before community groups, municipal boards, commissions, and councils concerning zoning changes, variances, and plats.  Dr. Cothrum typically assists clients from due diligence and site selection through the entire zoning and building permit process, culminating with a certificate of occupancy.