Interim City Planner, Duncanville, TX

Client Name: City of Duncanville

Duncanville, Texas


  • Opportunities for Redevelopment
  • Zoning Ordinance Updates 
  • Development Code Updates 
  • Processing Zoning and Platting Applications 

    Project Description

    Masterplan served as the interim City Planner for the City of Duncanville. In this capacity, the firm has worked with the City on numerous projects to keep the momentum of the department moving forward.

    Work included:  

    • Investigating opportunities for redevelopment.  
    • Investigating the need for a Comprehensive Plan update due to practical market considerations.  
    • Recommendations in the zoning ordinance update process rooted in market-based realities and best practice zoning regulations.  
    • Assisting in the on-going development code updates regarding food trucks and other unclassified uses.  
    • Processing zoning and platting applications through the Planning & Zoning Commission in accordance with state and local codes.  
    • Leading pre-development meetings to give customers practical assessment of land development codes and options to achieve desired outcome. 


      • While the city had a vacancy for the City Planner position, they also faced a hiring freeze. As a suburb of Dallas seeing tremendous growth, they needed to keep city planning on track.    

        Strategies Used

        • Masterplan’s frequent representation of private development clients informs our work and allows practical, market-based planning. We worked closely with the director of public works to ensure the planning department workload was managed and executed.    


        • The City of Duncanville was able to keep their planning department on track. Masterplan assisted during the hiring process for the new City Planner. We then worked with the new City Planner to transition the department to his leadership. Our team continues to work with the City of Duncanville’s planning department as needs arise.   

          TEAM LEAD


          Andrew Ruegg, MUEP, RAS 
          Land Use Planning Consultant  

          Andrew has a passion for urban planning and the development of cities. Most recently, he has become a Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS) and is certified to review accessibility on plans, newly constructed buildings, and renovations. His professional experience and graduate level education brings detailed and insightful knowledge and ideas to Masterplan.