Knockout Sports Arena

Client Name: Angelo Park and Andre Bailey

Arlington, Texas


  • Specific Use Permit 
  • Lobbying 
  • Parking Study 

      Project Description
      The Knockout Sports Arena is a 16,000 sq. Ft., Las Vegas-style live boxing entertainment venue and restaurant at 1520 Nolan Ryan Expressway. This facility, an adaptive re-use of an abandoned Joe’s Crab Shack, will be a regional draw offering 5-star VIP meals and some of the best live boxing and MMA fighting entertainment outside of Las Vegas.  


      • Providing offsite parking. 223 parking spaces were required, but there were only 147 available parking spaces onsite. By facilitating remote parking, Masterplan was able to add an additional 80 remote parking spots, bringing the total spaces available to 227. Additionally, free valet service will be available during live events. 
      • Converting from previous restaurant to add a live boxing entertainment facility. 
      • Redevelopment and expansion of the space. To meet the vision of the restaurant, the space required a major remodel, including a 2,500 square foot expansion.  
      • Overcoming the association with Knock Out Sports Bar. During a presentation to the council, Masterplan outlined the key differences, including different ownership, sports entertainment focus, upscale food, more conservative uniforms, and the inclusive customer focus.  

        Strategies Used

        • Over the course of several months, Masterplan assisted with lobbying community leaders and addressing land use challenges including securing remote parking. In a presentation to Arlington City Council, project specific information was provided to help make an informed decision. 90% of the time the facility would operate as a restaurant. In addition to the professional boxing and mixed martial arts events, patrons could enjoy live music events.  
        • Masterplan was able to provide the city with a property improvement plan. In addition to providing offsite parking, the owner also opted to improve the exterior lighting while working on the exterior improvement and provide a significant upgrade to the parking lot lighting.  


            • The project was approved by council. 

            TEAM LEAD


            Maxwell Fisher
            Managing Director, Frisco  

            Maxwell Fisher has a true dedication to his craft and is recognized as a leading zoning and land use consultant in the state of Texas. Since joining the firm in 2012, Maxwell has assisted landowners and developers with hundreds of requests for land use diligence, zoning changes, subdivision platting and permitting endeavors. Maxwell puts his clients first and strives to work through challenges faced in the city development review process. In addition to working in Dallas, Maxwell handles a large portion of Masterplan’s zoning entitlement services in the DFW suburbs. He also leads Masterplan’s efforts on due diligence reports for speculative development projects and for lenders.