Liberty Mutual Building

Client Name: Palladium

Plano, Texas


  • Board of Adjustment 
  • Due Diligence 

      Project Description
      The Liberty Mutual Regional Office building is a 1.1 million sq. ft. building located at the corner of State Highway 121 and the North Dallas Tollway in the vibrant Legacy West development. At a height of nearly 300 feet, the Liberty Mutual Building was the tallest office building in Plano, Texas at the time. Designed by architect Omniplan, the space created a community-centered workplace that brought together the employees. Masterplan was brought in to handle the signage in regard to local ordinances. The signage ordinance allowed a specific size sign on each side of the building. Masterplan worked to alter the rules to add the allowable size of east and west sides of the building to the allowable size on the north and south sides. The result was two larger signs on the north and south facing sides.  


      • At the time, this proposed project would be the tallest building in Plano, Texas.  
      • The signage was altered to maximize view from the tollway, but it didn’t meet the city code.  

        Strategies Used

        • Emphasized the fact that Liberty Mutual was moving to Plano and creating numerous job opportunities.  
        • Having a talented architect like Omniplan design a great building allowed Masterplan to highlight a world class facility and the vision for what the architect was trying to achieve.  
        • Working with the local municipality, Masterplan was able to merge the building real estate of four signs into two larger signs.  


            • The Board of Adjustment approved the request. For a short time, this was the tallest building in Plano, and it had significantly better signage than other office buildings in the area.  

            TEAM LEAD


            Dallas Cothrum, PhD
            Chief Executive Officer 

            Throughout his career, Dr. Cothrum has worked on numerous politically charged and technically difficult cases. He is responsible for consulting with and advising clients on requirements for zoning and permit applications for various area municipalities. His practice includes significant experience in public presentations before community groups, municipal boards, commissions, and councils concerning zoning changes, variances, and plats.  Dr. Cothrum typically assists clients from due diligence and site selection through the entire zoning and building permit process, culminating with a certificate of occupancy.