Client Name: AHC Funds

Dallas, Texas


  • Land use research 
  • Permitting 
  • Project Management 

Project Description
The Collection is a portfolio of rental townhome units spread across multiple sites in East Dallas. 2206 Moser is centrally located to The Collection and proposed to develop this site as an accessory community center (private) per the Dallas Development Code. The Collection has locations at Moser North as well as Moser South that each feature several finely-appointed townhomes for rent. As a bonus, the community is located within walking distance to many popular bars, restaurants, shops, and more. 


  • The land use of accessory community center (private) is rarely used. Given the large number of new “green” staff members located in the Building Inspection division, they were initially quick to deny this proposal due to lack of knowledge.  
  • Ensuring the development team met all applicable deadlines to guarantee a permit submittal deadline was met in order to begin the plan review process. 
  • Obtaining communication and favorable answers from City of Dallas was a challenge due to heavy workloads at the city level and the limited staff knowledge of accessory community center.  
  • Landscape determination directly impacting ADA access to the site. 

    Strategies Used

    • Acted as point of contact between the city and all parties involved with the project. 
    • By using knowledge of the Dallas Development Code, and how the code should be interpreted, Masterplan was able to guide the client to a favorable response from administrative staff within the Building Inspection division. This allowed the client to continue designing their project in preparation of permit submittal. 
    • At the time of plan review, Masterplan shared all the due diligence research and prior approvals from City Administrative staff with the plan’s examiner to obtain zoning approval after the first review of the project. 
    • Used knowledge and prior city experience with LA ordinance to contact the proper administrative officials an dobtain a favorable determination concerning ADA access to the site. 


    • Permitting: Delivered the designed land use and development the client wanted by executing the proper research and management techniques to also stay on schedule. The non-permeable ADA access to the site was approved by the Assistant Building Official and the Chief Arborist, overturning the district arborists determination made at the time of plan review.


    The client is able to provide a community center to adjacent multi-family properties. 



    Mario Amador

    Mario Amador is an accomplished permitting project manager with extensive experience handling all aspects of permitting for challenging projects. He has demonstrated exceptional project management capabilities, overseeing projects of varying scales and timelines.  Mario is well-versed in collaborating with architects, engineers, municipal staff, and project managers, providing valuable consultation and fostering effective communication among stakeholders. His expertise lies in navigating the intricate web of approvals, permits, and licenses required for developments, from initial application to final approval.