Wing Daddy’s Restaurant

Client Name: Wing Daddy’s Restaurant

Austin, Texas


  • Variance
  • Conditional Use Permit Site Plan 

    Project Description

    Masterplan obtained a conditional use permit for a TABC late-hours permit for the Wing Daddy’s restaurant. Since the restaurant is less than 200 feet from property zoned for single-family residential use, a variance from residential compatibility standards with respect to parking was requested and granted in conjunction with the conditional use site plan.  


    • Although the property fronts IH 35 and is located within a retail and commercial center, a section of the City of Austin’s Land Development Code adopted to protect residential neighborhoods from higher intensity infill development known compatibility standards is applicable to the site, requiring a variance.  

      Strategies Used

      • Masterplan focused on site-specific characteristics to demonstrate that the protections offered by the code are not necessary in this instance.  


      • Once the land use approvals were granted, the TABC application for a late-hour, mixed-beverage permit was processed. 


      • Wing Daddy’s is now a thriving part of the local community. In spite of the pandemic, the sports bar and grill has remained open serving an array of wings, ribs, burgers, drinks, and more. 



      Karen Wunsch, AICP
      Managing Director, Austin

      A long-time Central Texas land use and zoning leader, Karen Wunsch brings more than 25 years of real estate industry experience and leadership to her role as Managing Director of Masterplan’s Austin office. Since joining Masterplan in 2014, she has helped clients navigate zoning, platting, and permitting processes to get projects approved and completed.