University Village PUD

Client Name: Pape-Dawson Engineers

Round Rock, Texas


  • Zoning 

    Project Description

    Masterplan assisted one of its strategic partners by amending a PUD (Planned Unit Development) zoning ordinance for a 78-acre mixed use tract in Round Rock, Texas. Members of the project team originally collaborated several years prior to establish the PUD, while working together at another engineering firm. The PUD established allowed land uses as well as site and building design criteria based on the proximity of the area to transportation thoroughfares, regional higher education campuses, and an existing single-family residential neighborhood in order to create compatible and complimentary infill development projects. Developed uses include retail, restaurant and commercial uses, medical office uses, townhouse uses, and a church. 


    • An amendment or modification to an existing PUD is not uncommon when development occurs in phases over several years. Revising zoning requirements follows the same public hearing process as establishing the zoning, but sometimes, as was the case with University Village, some residents oppose any changes in the hopes that it will slow down or stop additional development. Masterplan worked with City staff and elected officials to ensure that the merits and compatibility of the proposed land use were understood despite the objections of a few vocal individuals. 

      Strategies Used

      • Masterplan cultivates trust with City staff by clearly stating project objectives, seeking consensus and workable solutions, and maintaining open communication channels. When issues arise with a zoning case or public opposition appears to be growing, planning staff is usually forthcoming with the information so that Masterplan can address it head-on.    


      • Once the zoning amendment was adopted, the civil engineer could proceed with platting and site development permitting.  


      • It is highly rewarding to see a long-range development come to fruition, especially when working alongside longtime friends and colleagues. 



      Karen Wunsch, AICP
      Managing Director, Austin

      A long-time Central Texas land use and zoning leader, Karen Wunsch brings more than 25 years of real estate industry experience and leadership to her role as Managing Director of Masterplan’s Austin office. Since joining Masterplan in 2014, she has helped clients navigate zoning, platting, and permitting processes to get projects approved and completed.