Community Engagement

Masterplan’s Community Engagement Team works hard to provide a tailor-made strategy for each client.  We know that when the stakes are high, you need an advocate who understands your goals and the community that you serve.

Often the path to victory begins with careful listening.

We help our clients win zoning cases by building relationships with community leaders, neighbors, and elected officials. We understand that the tide of public perception is hard to predict.  Masterplan can navigate issues to ensure it does not escalate from controversy into a crisis.  The Community Engagement team is here every step of the way as your round-the-clock advocate for clients—and the critical challenges they face.

Masterplan is not just an influencer. We are an advocate that is client-focused and success oriented with regard to the complexity of the issues. Our deep understanding of local government and institutional knowledge paired with years of trust means we can help you get results when it matters most. We help you build influence with key audiences, develop messages that resonate with the public, and get out in front of any potential issues so that they don’t escalate into crises.

Influence is everything, and we can help you build it by understanding all sides of an issue through first-hand interviews, research, and subject matter expertise. Our deep understanding of local government and relationships built on years of trust mean that when it comes to community engagement, we bring our A-game every time.


This involves, but is not limited to:

  • Strategy and Communications
  • Community Relations
  • Create Project Timeline
  • Community Outreach
  • Public Outreach/Lobbying

Consider this piece as an integral part of the zoning process.   



Community engagement clients include:



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