Economic Development

Economic development is a process that involves creating jobs, encouraging investment, and managing economic growth. We help our clients identify and pursue economic opportunities, grow their businesses, and improve the quality of life for everyone in their communities. Through market research and analysis as well as facilitating financial incentive negotiations, we provide clients with the tools they need to support economic development efforts. 

Market Studies 

Despite an abundance of data, the challenge today is to turn it into something meaningful, something that can be communicated clearly and acted upon. We provide market studies that look at economic and demographic trends in a specific area, how these trends are projected to impact the demand for different land uses, and how development policies and trends will impact the future supply of land for uses such as retail, industrial and residential. 

Our market studies can be used to develop a complete development plan for an individual site, or they can be used as part of a larger land use planning effort. 

For every market, there is a right time and place. A place where the combination of economic and demographic conditions creates the perfect opportunity for growth. The goal of a market study is to identify those conditions, predict how they will evolve over time, and then suggest how best to respond to them.  

Economic Research & Negotiation  

Don’t Leave Money on the Table!  

The process of finding the right financial incentives for your business can be cumbersome. Many developers run into the same problems: they don’t know who to contact, it’s time consuming, the process is unclear, or they simply don’t want to deal with the process.  

Thanks to our team of land-use experts, we can help you get through the process and save you time, money, and energy. Talk to us before you purchase a site or acquire the land so we can help with locating a site and identify a city’s potential incentive support for your project. Our team is available to help identify opportunities that can provide you with financial incentives and assist you throughout the negotiation process. Getting financial incentives in place can help you reduce your risk and potentially lower the interest rate. 




We help clients across several industries.




Wes Hoblit
Client Engagement Executive  

Wes has helped position Masterplan as an industry leader in land use and zoning matters. Working closely with the senior consultant team, he uses his extensive knowledge of the industry to work with clients and develop solutions that ensure a positive client experience.

During his tenure he has worked for both Masterplan and its sister company, LaBarba Permit Service, gaining knowledge and experience with zoning application management and permit expediting, including alcohol permitting. Mr. Hoblit successfully led an effort to make Princeton wet and worked to change zoning rules in that city. 


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