Land Use Studies – Area / Central Business

Land use has a big impact on the social and economic outlook of an area. That’s why municipalities routinely conduct land use studies to evaluate current uses before considering regulations that encourage the best uses to achieve desired outcomes.  

Masterplan’s seasoned staff has conducted and completed a variety of land studies. We’re experienced in working with government entities at all levels.  

Our team brings a market-driven approach to municipal planning. The study includes documenting uses in a specified area and researching existing rights and limits for sites to assist in evaluation for purchase, sale, or development. We also conduct analyses pertaining to land use data and development standards for code amendments.  

Next, we work to understand your local regulations and make recommendations on methods to support the desired land use. If needed, we assist with obtaining or preserving entitlement for the use of property. By controlling land use and setting development standards, the municipality can establish zoning to guide development. 



Masterplan brings efficiency and manpower to local government.




Andrew Ruegg, MUEP, RAS
Land Use Planning Consultant 

Andrew Ruegg joined Masterplan in November 2019. He previously worked with the City of Dallas, Sustainable Development & Construction Department managing zoning cases, leading neighborhood and community outreach meetings, and working with City staff and stakeholders for development code amendments. His understanding of local government allows him to provide an expert level of service on all project matters. Andrew has worked in various planning and research-based roles with the City of Fort Worth Police Department, City of Arlington – Research and Analytics Group, and City of Frisco Development Services.   


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