Planner Outsourcing

Since most of our team members come from a city planning background, Masterplan understands what it takes for a city to run at peak capacity as it grows. In fact, our staff has a combined 150+ years of experience reviewing commercial, industrial and residential site plans, building plans, and sign and fence permits in former roles working as city employees.  These specialists have first-hand experience to know the challenges municipalities faces day to day.  

With the level of mastery brought by our team, Masterplan has served on behalf of city planning departments, such as the City of New Braunfels and the City of McLendon-Chisolm. Most recently, we have worked as the interim city planning department for the City of Duncanville, where we have evaluated and made recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council on best practice zoning regulations. 

Many municipalities we work with are busier than ever. We are here to support your internal team or take over your team efforts with our comprehensive capabilities.  



  • Comprehensive planning 
  • Third-party review 
  • Development proposal analysis 
  • Land use, zoning, subdivision, and development application review 
  • Zoning and site development reports preparation 
  • Community outreach and stakeholder engagement 
  • City planner services 
  • Local review process evaluation 
  • Bench strength when you are experiencing heavy caseloads 



Masterplan brings efficiency and manpower to local government.




Andrew Ruegg, MUEP, RAS
Land Use Planning Consultant 

Andrew Ruegg joined Masterplan in November 2019. He previously worked with the City of Dallas, Sustainable Development & Construction Department managing zoning cases, leading neighborhood and community outreach meetings, and working with City staff and stakeholders for development code amendments. His understanding of local government allows him to provide an expert level of service on all project matters. Andrew has worked in various planning and research-based roles with the City of Fort Worth Police Department, City of Arlington – Research and Analytics Group, and City of Frisco Development Services.   


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