Commercial Plan Review

Commercial plans must be submitted for permits, so investors, developers and business owners are eager to ensure they are properly formatted to receive approval the first time they are reviewed. 

It may seem that architecture, engineering and construction firms would already know how to prepare and package these plans properly for city review, but the reality is more complex. Each municipality, county, and state has its own commercial building plan criteria that must be met. It’s easy for a firm that often works in one area to overlook a formatting requirement for a project that is subject to a different set of rules.  

To add complexity, there are typically three development stages for commercial construction permitting: 

  • A conceptual schematic design outlining size and budget  
  • Details defining mechanical and electrical systems, finishes, walls, exteriors, etc. 
  • Construction drawings, specifications, and contract 

Masterplan can help simplify the commercial plan approval process. We evaluate and review commercial plans to ensure they meet all requirements for permitting approval. Our team is well versed in electronic submittal processes, and our involvement helps avoid delays and prevents the additional costs associated with revising and resubmitting plans.


Benefits of commercial plan review: 

  • Meet building codes that allow the permitting process to move forward.  
  • Avoid project permitting delays. 
  • Prevent additional costs associated with revising and resubmitting plans. 
  • Ensure your plan meets building use, parking, landscape, lighting, and signage requirements for permit approval. 



We provide commercial plan review services for a variety of client types. 




Mario Amador

Mario Amador is an accomplished permitting project manager with extensive experience handling all aspects of permitting for challenging projects. He has demonstrated exceptional project management capabilities, overseeing projects of varying scales and timelines.  Mario is well-versed in collaborating with architects, engineers, municipal staff, and project managers, providing valuable consultation and fostering effective communication among stakeholders. His expertise lies in navigating the intricate web of approvals, permits, and licenses required for developments, from initial application to final approval.



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