Plat Representation

Platting is the process of developing a Plat map that shows how a piece of land will be divided into parcels. Platting is required most often when buying and developing vacant land. The process must be completed in order for a building permit or certificate of occupancy to be issued.  

 In major cities like Dallas, platting can be extremely political as well as highly technical. In smaller cities or undeveloped areas, the process may be less political, but the challenges of platting should never be underestimated.  Typically, platting takes with 30 days, but can be delayed or not approved based on an incomplete submission. 


Typical platting challenges 

  • Topographical lines and easement not shown on the proposed plat
  • Lot remainders being excluded from the proposed plate have not been determined to be building sites
  • The property has no frontage on a public or private street
  • The property is in a planned development district and a required development plan has not been submitted, or the proposed plat doesn’t meet the zoning code. 

At Masterplan, we assist in establishing a building site by combing or reconfiguring existing lots or unplatted tracts of land. This process may include a public hearing, but the plat can be approved by the staff in many instances with limited or no interaction with appointed or elected officials. The exception is residential replats, which require public hearing and notification of surrounding property owners. Regardless of your plat situation, Masterplan is prepared and ready to help.    



Platting clients include:




Larry Casto

Managing Director, Austin  


As a long-time central Texas public sector leader, Larry Casto brings over 25 years of municipal experience as Managing Director of Masterplan’s Austin office. Before joining Masterplan, Larry served as city attorney for the City of Dallas to oversee the City’s state and federal legislative initiatives. Larry’s career serving the citizens of Dallas culminated with his appointment by the City Council to serve as the City’s chief attorney in 2016.


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