ZONING CHANGE: Singleton Corridor Dallas, Texas

Singleton Corridor

Dallas, Texas
District 6



Consideration of authorizing a public hearing to determine the proper zoning on
property zoned a CR Community Retail District with deed restrictions, an IM Industrial
Manufacturing District, an IR Industrial Research District, an MU-1 Mixed Use District,
Planned Development District No. 718, Planned Development District No 944, Planned
Development District No. 1010, Planned Development District No. 1049, Planned
Development District No. 1081, an R-5(A) Single Family District, an R-5(A) Single
Family District with Specific Use Permit No.1807 for a private recreation center, club, or
area limited to an outdoor play area to be used exclusively by the residents and guests
of a single family use, and a TH-3(A) Townhouse District in an area generally bound by
Singleton Boulevard to the north, Borger Street/Burton Drive to the east, Union Pacific
Railway to the south, and Westmoreland Road to the west, and containing
approximately 256 acres. Consideration is to be given to appropriate zoning for the
area to include but not limited to use, development standards, and other appropriate

Why You Should Support This Project

  • The community needs to be involved to play and active role in what happens in their community.

Project Updates

  • An Authorized Hearing is not an actual rezoning of property. If changes are to be initiated, public notices will be mailed to individual property owners and there will be a public hearing before the City Plan Commission, and a second public hearing before the City Council prior to a decision being made regarding potential zoning changes.

    Individuals who would like to speak on the item in accordance with the City Plan Commission Rules of Procedure, should contact the Department of Planning and Urban Design at 214-670-4209 by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, or register online at: https://dallascityhall.com/government/meetings/Pages/city-plan-commission.aspx


  • Thursday, December 15, 2022, at 12:30 PM the Dallas City Plan Commission will hold a public hearing Dallas at City Hall, 1500 Marilla Steet, Council Chambers (6th floor) regarding the potential rezoning