ZONING CHANGE:4710 W. Illinois Avenue Dallas, Texas

Gereration Housing Partners

Dallas, Texas

People to Know:

Dallas Cothrum
President, Masterplan

Karl Crawley- Executive Director Masterplan Texas,                           karl@masterplantexas.com      

Stormey Foster                            Public Relations Manager stormey@masterplantexas.com




The request is for a rezoning from the existing Planned Development. This will encompass the entire property. So we can support future development and bring a first class housing community to the area.

Why You Should Support This Project

  • Provides Revitalization to an acreage that been in the community for decades
  • Provides Improvements of Green space and landscaping on project site
  • Provides access to better amenities among the residential population
  • Provides parking expansion and safer traffic routes within and around the project site

Project Updates

  • Project Filing Projection Date (February)


  • Kick off- Neighborhood Community Meeting
    Date: December, 11 2023 6:00-8:00pm                                                                                                                      Location: Templo De Albanza                                                                                                                              4710 W. Illinois Avenue Dallas Tx. 75233                                                                                      Neighboorhood Meeting PPT Presentation   
  • Community Open House                                                                                                                      Date:December 16, 2023 10:00am-12:00pm                                                                                 Location:Westmoreland Station                                                                                                                         2700 S. Westmoreland Road Dallas Tx, 75233                                                                                                                                                                              


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Karl Crawley

Executive Director- Masterplan Texas