texas Masterplan is your total authority for zoning in Dallas, TX; Austin, TX; and the rest of Texas. Our diverse and extensive range of knowledge, capabilities, and actionable services ensures your project is getting the oversight it needs to conform to local and state governance requirements. Our firm has obtained the most approvals in Dallas, TX since 1981. Let our experienced staff provide the results you deserve.


We represent clients who need to speed up the city’s abandonment, franchise, or private-license processes. Let us put our extensive knowledge to work to ensure your property is duly handled, in accordance with your specific development or redevelopment plans.


Thanks to a set state-mandated process, annexation can be time-consuming. Studies are required showing how an annexed tract can be served by the city, and public hearings must be set to make citizens aware of the intended annexation. We assist clients in conforming to these standards, to ensure annexation with desirable zoning.

Non-Conforming Uses

When zoning changes in Dallas, Austin, and the rest of Texas, or an existing development, don’t conform with the zoning of the land they’re based on, let us step in and help. Generally, non-conforming uses can remain in place, but are not allowed to expand. But some cities allow the Board of Adjustment (after hearings) to amortize a non-conforming use and shut it down. If you’re facing a non-conforming use situation or a grandfathered-rights issue and need to recoup your investment, let us assist you.

Planned Development District

Need to amend or implement a Planned Development District (PDD)? Our team has the experience to represent you. This includes preparing the application and all appropriate paperwork, which is otherwise a complicated, time-consuming process. We’ll also represent you at all required public hearings with planning and zoning commissions and city councils. Trust us to work with city staff to compile all revisions and supplemental information to get you the best results. In Dallas, TX alone, our staff has written and obtained zoning for more than 300 PDDs.

Site Impact Analysis

A site impact analysis will better establish the impact of a development on a site. The impact on a site may be obvious, with just vacant land taken, but the impact on existing development or future development and development rights needs exploration, to establish the correct amount of compensation. Let us provide you with this insight. Our affordable pricing and timely service supports your due diligence needs.


This Board of Adjustment action allows variances to the existing development regulations for a site, including setbacks, height, lot coverage, and parking. Variances require a property hardship—lot width, slope of the land, or other physical constraints. We’ll help you identify hardships and prepare your case for variance. We can also assist on special exceptions or reductions in setbacks.

Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Our team will prepare draft language on proposed ordinance amendments before city staff, zoning commissions, and city councils.
If you have questions about zoning in Dallas, TX or the state of Texas, or if you need any of these critical services in regards to your project, contact Masterplan today.

If you have questions about zoning in Dallas, TX or the state of Texas or need any of these critical services in regards to your project, contact Masterplan today.

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